Dinstar SBC1000-200

200 calls, 200 transcoding


Dinstar SBC1000 provides rich SIP-based services such as safe network access, robust security, system interworking, flexible session routing & policy management, QoS, media transcoding and media processing for small-and-medium telecommunication operators. With distributed multi-core processor, rear panel for non-blocking gigabit switching data network, embedded Linux operating system, SBC1000 delivers high capability while achieves low power dissipation. It supports 500 concurrent SIP sessions and transcodes up to 200 concurrent calls, and allows encrypted sessions via TLS and SRTP. The session border controller supports transcoding of G.729, G.723, G.711, G.726, iLBC, AMR and OPUS. Besides, SBC1000 offers two E1 ports that are compatible with PBX to meet customers’ networking needs.

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