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Sangoma H10 Wireless Headset

Price $175.00

The Sangoma H10 Monaural Wireless DECT Headset was designed specifically for the Sangoma S-Series and D-Series phones. It provides lasting comfort and gives you the ability to walk around your office without being stuck at your desk. The Sangoma H10 features voice-dedicated DECT technology removing Wi-Fi interference with wideband audio delivering...

Sangoma H20 Wireless Headset

Price $220.00

The Sangoma H20 Monaural Headset is ideal for employees that have a Sangoma IP Phone at their workstation but want to utilize a softphone such as Zulu or Switchvox and take advantage of the features, such as 1:1 video calling.

Sangoma HC01 EHS Phone Cable

Price $60.00

The Sangoma HC01 EHS Phone Cable is compatible with the Sangoma/Digium D-Series phones. This HC01 EHS allows you to be more productive by providing increased flexibility, letting you answer incoming calls or disconnect directly from the headset.